2022’s top 50 SaaS infuencers to watch

This is a who’s who of the SaaS world. While there are a lot of unsung heroes in the industry, we’re doing our bit to make sure everyone has their say on the very top SaaS influencers around the world.

So, we’re doing our research. We’re asking around a bit. And right now we’re planning ahead to find 2022’s SaaS superstars.

We’ll pack the first report with info like:

  • Each influencer’s background.
  • Q&As of important SaaS topics.
  • Quotes, peer praise, and other fascinating industry insights.
  • A few tidbits of their favourite SaaS content.

Sounds good? You’d better believe it. And we’d also love to involve you.

Who’s inspiring your SaaS goals?

2020 is the first of our influencers reports. This means we’re laying down the foundations for the future, with annual reports showing off the best of the best.

But you get to have your say. Want to make a recommendation? Get in touch! Provide a few details on your candidate and why they’re your #1 choice.

And don’t worry, you can nominate yourself 😉.

And watch this space. Our influencers report is on the way.