Future of SaaS was founded in early 2020 and has grown into a community full of educational resources, content, and peer learning, all thanks to you and your passion for SaaS!

In honor of that passion, and because we think it’s about time you got some recognition for all your hard work, we’d like to introduce the inaugural Future of SaaS Awards 2021. 🎉

Key dates for your diary

📩 Submission deadline: August 18th

⭐ Finalists announced: w/c August 30th

🏆 Winners announced: September 6th

SaaS Product of the Year

We know the kind of time and effort that goes into building a good product, and we want to give a big slap on the back (and a Future of SaaS award) to those out there making it happen.

Tell us about a particular SaaS product that inspired awe and envy, or just generally made your life a little easier.

SaaS Team of the Year

Is your team consistently knocking it out the park? Let us know about it. Unwavering commitment, super relationships, and demonstrable results are what we’re on the look out for in this category, so if you’re in a team of SaaS superstars (or know one) with the results to prove it, nominate 'em now.

Future of SaaS MVP

Over the past year, the Future of SaaS community has grown exponentially, all thanks to the folks that consistently contribute to the discussion, sharing wisdom and valuable advice.

This award is for that certain someone who always has answers to your questions in Slack, maybe your MVP is a speaker at one of our events who changed your world, or a SaaS professional that shares well written, informative articles on our blog. Maybe it’s you!

Don’t be shy, let us know.

Best SaaS Company to Work for

We've got a lot of love (and kudos) to give to companies going the extra mile to be one of those businesses people strive to work for.

Perhaps it's awesome perks, a close-knit culture, professional development, or letting employees share their ideas and have their voices heard.

If you work for a company that sounds just like that, let us know because they deserve a good showering of praise.

SaaS Newcomer of the Year

Are you a new kid on the block with an attitude and an appetite for raising the bar every day?

We’re looking for SaaS newbies who are crushing their goals, bursting with passion, and having a positive impact on their team, and company. Know of one? Tell us about them.

The People’s Person Award

This one’s for the leaders creating awesome products and cultivating amazing teams with their leadership style/team environment. Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and consistency, come rain or shine.

One to watch: The SaaS Breakthrough Award

We’re looking for startups that burst onto the SaaS scene and knocked your socks off. Innovative companies, taking it to the next level who you think are the real future of SaaS.

Nominate them now!  

Our judging criteria

Here's what we’re looking for in our winners:

  • Superstars who are changing the game in SaaS;
  • Solid bottom-line business impact that can be demonstrated - be it revenue, deals closed, lead gen, stronger processes or any other ways they've set other teams up for success;
  • Anecdotal support from at least one other member of your/the nominee’s company; plus
  • Anything else you think helps you/your nominee stand out in the crowd.

Happy nominating!