State of Customer Success Survey 2021

Customer Success & Onboarding

In a bid to understand the role of Customer Success in 2021, we’re working on The State of Customer Success 2021, a report that dives deep into the structure, function, and skills of CS folks, from all kinds of industries all across the globe. 🌎

But we need your help to make this report as granular, informative, and juicy as possible! πŸ‘‡

If you can spare your expertise and a few minutes to fill in the survey below, we can produce an awesome, insightful report, chockful of information, and actionable tips.

Delve in and have your say on:

  • Customer churn
  • Team structures
  • Your influence on shaping products
  • Job satisfaction

Feel free to share with as many CS professionals as you can, the more responses, the better we can shape your report!