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Customer Success Festival, February 2021
Catch up on every presentation from February’s Customer Success Festival and learn from amazing CS leaders from organizations like Celonis, ServiceNow, Direct Commerce and Slack.
Future of SaaS Festival, December 2020 | Future of SaaS
Learn from SaaS leaders at GitLab, Google, Typeform, Klarna and more, about everything from pricing and packaging to using PLG to achieve the 3 Es.
Future of SaaS Festival APAC, June 2020 | Future of SaaS
Catch up on every second of SaaS content from this year’s APAC SaaS fest. Have a browse and take your pick from orgs like Oracle, Unscrambl and ProtoPie, and topics such as transitioning from learning to growth, pivoting to scale, customer success as a revenue driver, and lots, lots more.
Future of SaaS Festival, May 2020 | Future of SaaS
Catch-up on 2020′s chock-a-block fest and learn from SaaS leaders from orgs like Typeform, Zuora, New Relic, Atlassian, Buffer, and more. And don’t worry, the footage isn’t going anywhere. You’ve got access for life.